Feb 23

How to select best procurement solutions

Deciding on procurement solutions requires careful assessment of your needs. We are detailing key prerequisites to enable you to better comprehend the choices accessible & available to you. In this blog, we are sharing 5 simple steps to enable you to remain focused as you search for the best procurement... read more →
Feb 22
Feb 21

Auction of IPL Teams

The IPL aka Indian Premier league has become a national sensation since the year 2008 when BCCI launched its first season. India is a country where the game “Cricket” is like a National Religion. And players like “Sachin Tendulkar”  is like a “God of Cricket”, the season of IPLs gain... read more →
Feb 19

Better use of procure to pay software

Numerous organizations perceive the need to modernize and streamline their P2P  i.e. Procure to Pay software process, and in many companies this has taken a form of embracing e-sourcing or e-procurement technology. Putting in a simple way, Procure to Pay is the procedure by which organizations purchase and pay for... read more →
Feb 17

Best Software to help procurement manager

Procurement Manager - You’re the go-to person of a company for its software procurement. They realize that they require you quickly and at a decent cost. You are the right individual for the job. Spend unquestionably and save funds with the most adaptable and advantageous procurement software in the market... read more →
Feb 16
Feb 12
Feb 10
Feb 08
Nov 15

AIDing CIOs AID Transformation

The CIOs of the company have a profound understanding of the technology in order to identify potential opportunities. Still, they find the enterprise digital transformation to be a complex activity. This digital transformation process in any enterprise, not only require perfect planning with keen analysis, but also perfection in execution.... read more →