Oct 04

Ready to maximize efficiency and savings?

You might be finding it difficult to deal with multiple challenges such as keeping track of the purchase requisitions, complex supplier contracts, invoices, saving target and lots more. To maximize efficiency, one has to be perfect by being in compliance with the industry norms and standards which are supported with... read more →
Sep 27
Sep 15

Tapping big opportunities through effective Supplier/Vendor Relationship Management

Procurement performance is important role in supply chain management. It potentially influences the firm's quality performance, product innovation, customer responsiveness, and the firm's financial performance.In order to maximize supply chain efficiently, cost-effectiveness, operational progress, breakthroughs and joint innovation for mutual benefit, more and more emphasis is given on increasing sound... read more →
Sep 08

Understanding Big Data- not a Big Deal!

All online purchase, proceedings, transactions -Creates data. The collection of all this Data is called ‘Big Data’, and the analysis of this Big Data is called Big Data Analysis. When a person searches for information using Google, texts to a friend, swipes the credit or debit card to buy things,... read more →
Aug 23
Aug 08

Competition among sellers increases Savings?

Competition among sellers increases Savings? Yes, you read it right. This is possible when the enterprises adopt procurement strategies and bring all the sellers on a single platform through an online procurement solution to create auctions, inviting sellers to bid to get the best buy. Procurement generates huge saving for... read more →
Jul 26

Saying YES to e-Invoice!

e-Invoice All Businesses- both public and private have strong pressure of keeping their expenses low to make high profits. That means, they have to lower administrative costs while maintaining accuracy, compliance and control … all at the same time. One of the ways can be adopting e-Invoice! You may want... read more →
Jul 15
Jul 11

Allocating Parking Space through e-Auctions

The need was to bring about a middle way to neutrally arrive at unanimously acceptable and logical method that could be used to allocate parking space as per preference of the flat/apartment owners. ProcureAvenue pitched into help, to facilitate the process using  e-Auction solution. An e-Auction takes out the emotions... read more →
Jul 05