Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable’ streamlines and automates the invoicing process. It captures Invoice, validates data, facilitates and resolves mismatch of data, supports approval of invoice and aids with fast payment processes.

The system provides with improved visibility of invoices received, invoice ready for payment, invoice with mismatch of data. This way it helps with better cash flow and cash management. It reduces head count of non-core team and hence cost of invoice processing. Precisely, it improves the team’s productivity.

It integrates directly with ERP to fetch the purchase order and maps with invoices raised by vendors. and provides with a full visibility from invoice receipt to payment status. The product brings agility, traceability, accountability and reporting capabilities to help the decision makers take smart and informed decisions.

Process that makes entire process of ‘Accounts Payable’ faster and precise.

Fetch purchase order from ERP => Notify Vendors on vendor portal =>Scan invoices and turn them into digital format => Process these images to capture all the important details =>Verify invoice data based on Purchase Order, invoice and receipt data => Route it for relevant approvals => Populate this data into ERP without any human intervention.

Accounts Payable

  • Transforms the legacy manual account payable process to an efficient and automated paperless process.
  • Aids with Real time information of the invoice and its stages in process.
  • Provides with an invoice upload facility to the Vendor. Vendor using GRN/SRN, submit invoice over a web-server and immediately route for processing.
  • Captures Invoice Data and index it for further processing.
  • Manage PO and non-PO invoice as per business rules.
  • Integrates with ERP.
  • Enables take informed decisions with the help of analytical reports.