e-Tender brings together the buyer and the suppliers on single repository for an electronic and streamlined tender creation and bidding. It Automates and Streamlines all the stages of tender process i.e. Tender preparation with tender specification, publishing, bid collection, evaluation of bids and awarding of contract to the winning Vendor. It maximizes the saving potential through optimizing vendor selection and reducing tender cycle-time with improved integrity and transparency of the tender process.

Creates a database of goods, services, suppliers, vendors and contracts

Using our e-Tender platform, all the details of tender requirements are fed into the system. With these requirement details, the details of the goods, services, suppliers, vendors and contracts are also updated on the same platform- bringing all required information to one repository, creating one updated database.

Minimizes paper trail and eliminates advertisement cost

Utilizing the power of our e-Tender robust platform, the organization’s paper work is minimized. This system assists in eliminating all advertisement costs as it posts purchase requirements on the platform and collaborates with all the required vendors at this platform.

Facilitates faster response to queries during tender period

The online e-tender process is enabled with an automated notification system which facilitates faster response to questions and points of clarification during the tender. This brings clarity to process with reduced tender cycle-time. Both the suppliers and the buyers are always updated with the proceedings of tender. The auto notification also eliminates chance that any supplier or vendor being left out or not updated with any particular notification.

Reduces hassles of communication and administration

e-Tender, being an online platform keeps all the vendors updated about the new tenders, changes in the existing tenders and other tender related information via automated notifications. In addition to reducing hassles, it also, facilitates in reducing the cumbersome tasks of sending, receiving and monitoring tenders at all stages of tender to each and every vendor individually.

Eliminates obsolete information with real time updating

As e-Tender is an automated and online system, the things are very much sorted and simple. With an update at one place, all related and relevant places are updated at that very instance and that too automatically. It saves the efforts of visiting all the concerned places in the system and updating things individually. Also, it eliminates all the possibilities of missing out on any changes to be made

Improves audit trail increasing integrity and transparency of the tendering process

Keeping the vendors notified and updated about the tenders and its proceedings, the online e-Tender maintains the transparency with no chance of malpractice and keeps the vendors assured of the fair tendering. This way it helps cultivating healthy relationship amongst vendors and the buyers and also within the vendors.

Details with procurement spending information and generates analytical reports

The decision makers can view all real-time details on their dash board. The system generates reports and facilitates these decision makers with details of spending and saving in each tender. These reports help the decision makers with clear visibility and take more and more profitable decisions at all times.

Facilitates instant access to both current and historical tender information

The data in e-tender is always accessible. The system provides all details regarding the current or the earlier tenders from the stored data in one repository. Such things are only possible with the process being online and on one platform. It saves all the time of searching details from the dusty files stored in the stores.