Vendor Registration

The process of Vendor Registration is very complex and elaborate. Each and every vendor needs to be evaluated on various parameters before adding to the list of registered vendors. The manual process requires the vendor to submit the hard copies of required documents. These documents are evaluated for authenticity and compliance as per the buyer’s enterprise norms. Being manual, exists malpractices in vendor registration process and tracing these seems impossible.

For fair, compliant and transparent registration, our Vendor Registration is an effective way which streamlines and automates the processes by being online. The system brings various stakeholders together like User Department, Vendor, Auditor and Procure team. It provides different access levels to different user roles with different user interface. In short, it simplifies the Vendor Management proves to be very vital for procurement.


  • Vendors are invited through mail to register.
  • Vendor using the Vendor Registration portal, logs in to the system, provide details and uploads all necessary supporting documents.
  • The approvers verify the documents for authenticity and approve or disapprove.
  • Vendors get notified and remain updated about the requirements.

The software product

  • Expedites the vendor registration.
  • Maintains all the required documents and certificates on one single repository.
  • Maps the business approval setting to make sure all the registration details are authenticated as per the organization’s standard approval process.
  • Maintains a consolidated Vendor data base of the increasing approved Vendors.
  • Pre-qualification to registration ensures that each vendor has completed all the organization’s qualification request. The software keeps a trail of all the amendments done by the Vendor.
  • Tracks given data elements for age and sends an automated request for necessary action.
  • Provides Vendor Performance Metrics.
  • Visualize Vendor diversity and other organization standards by viewing all Vendors in a centralized location.
  • Facilitates Invoicing, Procurement and other core functionality